Dental Crowns

Dental crowns are a reliable, permanent treatment for most serious tooth problems involving decay, fractures, discolored or undesirable shaped teeth. A crown or tooth cap refers to a porcelain covering that is custom-made to encase the entire tooth section above the gums, restoring a damaged or weakened tooth to the ideal shape, size, strength, and appearance.

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There are different types of crowns. But porcelain (tooth-colored) crowns are the most common because of their close resemblance to natural teeth. Porcelain veneers are strong, highly durable, and easy to customize to match the size, shape, and shade of your original teeth, giving you a natural, beautiful smile that lasts for many years.

Dental crowns are a great option for restoring damaged teeth and are a standard procedure offered at Houston Dental Oasis.

When a tooth is damaged, there is always hope that it can heal on its own. Unfortunately, teeth do not heal or restore damaged enamel on their surface. However, we can help to protect and restore a tooth with a dental crown.

If you have a damaged or weak tooth, then strengthen and enhance that tooth by scheduling an appointment with Houston Dental Oasis for a dental crown.

Who needs a dental crown?

A crown is usually recommended to protect and strengthen the tooth structure of a severely broken or fractured tooth that cannot be sufficiently restored with fillings because it would be too weak. It can also be used to:

  • Restore decayed teeth
  • Replace large or fractured fillings
  • Strengthen a tooth after root canal therapy
  • Replace missing teeth with dental implants
  • Support tooth bridge replacing missing teeth
  • Improve the shape, size, and appearance of teeth as a cosmetic treatment

What are dental crowns?

A dental crown is a cap that surrounds the tooth. We typically use a crown to restore a damaged tooth, but can also use it to improve the appearance of a smile. A crown can consist of three different materials, all-metal, ceramic-on-metal and all-ceramic. The location of the crown in the teeth will determine the best material to use. For example, for front teeth an all-ceramic crown may be recommended by Dr. Wang since it looks the most natural. Depending on the patient’s dental situation, she might recommend zirconia crowns since they look natural but have more durability.

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The dental crown procedure

When getting dental crowns installed, it is advisable that you work with a cosmetic dentist that knows how to complete the procedure in a way that looks natural. At Houston Dental Oasis, we can do so while also working to keep you as comfortable as possible by providing the option of sedation dentistry.  Before getting started, an impression is taken of the teeth and then the new crown or bridge is created in a dental lab.

When placing a dental crown around a tooth, Houston Dental Oasis starts by preparing the tooth. We remove a portion of the enamel so that there is room for the new crown to surround the tooth without pushing other teeth out of place. Once complete, we clean the tooth and secure a temporary crown to it using removable adhesive. Patients typically wear a temporary crown for around two weeks while waiting for a permanent one to be created in the lab. During this time, it is important to be careful with what you eat and how you brush your teeth since the temporary is designed to come off.

Before dental crowns in Houston at Houston Dental Oasis
Teeth before our dental crowns at Houston Dental Oasis.

When getting dental restoratives, your teeth will be somewhat sensitive after they have been prepared. If necessary, we may use sedation dentistry to ensure that you will not experience any discomfort during the procedure and after the fact you might simply need to take some oral pain medication for a couple of days until you feel better.

When the dental restoratives are complete, patients return to our Houston dental office so that we can remove the temporaries and bond the permanent ones to the tooth. For a dental crown, we will secure the cap around the tooth and complete it through dental bonding. Patients depend on this procedure as a way to replace missing teeth in a way that looks natural and restores the functionality of the missing tooth.

Teeth before dental crowns in Houston at Houston Dental Oasis
After our dental crowns at Houston Dental Oasis.

The benefit of wearing a crown is that it surrounds and protects the tooth. This means that regardless of how damaged the tooth was, you can eat your favorite foods without fear of discomfort. A crown can restore the functionality of your mouth by making it easy to eat, drink and speak like normal. This is ideal for people that are suffering from severely sensitive teeth, have a cracked or chipped tooth, severely decayed teeth, or have undergone a root canal. It is ideal for people that have active lifestyles and don’t want to be constrained by their teeth. To find out if the procedure is right for you, call 713-331-3177 to schedule an appointment with us and discuss your options. At Houston Dental Oasis, we make it easier for patients throughout Houston to have a beautiful and functional smile.

What are dental crown costs?

Because crowns are usually not purely cosmetic and help improve the function of a tooth, insurance plans typically cover some or all of dental crown costs.  Houston Dental Oasis can provide many different styles of handcrafted dental crowns. So not only will Dr.Wang work with you to find the crown that looks how you want it to, we’ll find the right dental crown for your budget too. No two procedures are exactly alike, but there are some common factors that ultimately influence dental crown cost, including the material of the crown, and the amount of preparatory work required to place the crown. Our Houston dental office accepts third-party financing options so that you can fund your dental care in the manner that’s most convenient for you. After your consultation with Dr. Wang you’ll know just how much your dental crown procedure will cost, and there will be no surprises.