Sedation Dentistry

What is Dental Sedation?

Different forms of anesthesia have been used in dentistry for decades. Typically, this is a limited area inside your mouth where a procedure is planned. From root canals to teeth extractions, the local dental anesthetic would help prevent pain during the process.

In some cases, dental sedation and anesthesia needs are dependent upon a patient’s anxiety level or pain threshold. For example, while getting a filling done a patient will feel vibration and movement from the dental drill, but during a tooth extraction the patient will feel more intense pressure from the pushing and pulling on the tooth. Some patients who have high dental anxiety levels have the perception that they feel pain during a procedure. This is likely due to the anxiety combined with the feeling of vibration and pressure during the dental procedure. Dental sedation has been used to reduce, or even eliminate these feelings of fear and anxiety, and the resulting perceived pain.

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Houston Dental Oasis Offers Several Different Types of Sedation

Inhaled Minimal Sedation, Nitrous Oxide Sedation

This is often referred to as “laughing gas” we often use. It is made up of a combination of oxygen and nitrous oxide. You may feel giggly at first, but it is used to help you feel relaxed. More often than not, this is all that is necessary. It helps take off that anxious edge. Plus, we are able to control the level of sedation and it wears off quickly. If we’re planning a procedure, we’ll let you know if this is the kind of sedation we’ll be using or if we need something stronger. This is because laughing gas is the only form of sedation where you can drive yourself home following the procedure. It doesn’t remain long in your body as it is continually expelled from your lungs. 

Oral Sedation

There are a few different forms, and it varies from little to moderate. Sometimes you take a mediation to help numb the body. This is consumed about an hour prior to the procedure. You’ll feel sleepy but it won’t knock you out. Depending on how you react to the pill and your anxiety levels, you may still be given a higher dosage. While the medication isn’t designed to knock you out, plenty of patients do fall asleep, which is perfectly fine.

IV Sedation

This type of sedation is for patients with extreme dental anxiety. At Houston Dental Oasis we do not perform this type of sedation but will refer you to an excellent specialist who performs this type of sedation, as needed. Instead of breathing gas in, IV sedation goes through your veins, much like you would have at the doctor or hospital. This form is used as the dental team can control the level of sedation in real time, and it goes to work much faster because it runs through your bloodstream.

Local Anesthetic

Is a bit different from the others listed here. Local anesthetic doesn’t do anything to prevent your anxiety or to make you fall asleep. It just numbs the given area and reduces discomfort levels during the procedure.

Why Use Dental Sedation in Houston?

If you are a patient without dental anxiety, you won’t need dental sedation during normal checkups and most basic procedures. You might need local anesthetic and, in some cases, laughing gas. The other forms of sedation are used for wisdom teeth removal.

However, if you do suffer from dental anxiety, experience panic attacks and other situations where you are afraid of the dentist office, more than likely you will need either the laughing gas or the oral version. 

Houston Dental Sedation Cost 

Most forms of dental sedation are not covered by your dental insurance provider. Some insurances might cover a portion of the cost. We always recommend checking what your insurance covers and having a solid understanding of the current policy you use. If you are planning on paying for your dental visit out of pocket, the price of the sedation will vary depending on the type needed. Talk to us ahead of time for a better price understanding and note that we do offer financing and payment plans.

Dental Sedation Near Me

Houston Dental Oasis wants to help you maintain your beautiful smile, and keep your mouth healthy while ensuring you are completely comfortable with your visit. If you do suffer from anxiety while at the dentist, don’t worry. With the aid of dental sedation, we can control your anxiety or fear, and put you in a much more comfortable mood. So feel free to give us today at 713-331-3177 to schedule a worry free, relaxing appointment.

We offer our sedation dentistry from our Houston Dental Oasis office serving patients from The Heights, Greater Heights patients, Independence Heights, Garden Oaks, Houston Heights, and Oak Forest. To schedule an appointment with our Houston dental office, call us at 713-331-3177.